Technical Assistance for Systems Reform

Positive Youth Justice Initiative (PYJI)

PYJI is a project of the Sierra Health Foundation, which selected six California counties to implement juvenile justice reforms. For PYJI, NICJR is the lead Positive Youth Development (PYD) Technical Assistance (TA) provider. NICJR provides training to probation officers, helps Probation Departments establish policies and practices that engage youth and families and reduce probation violations, including the development of Response Matrices/Grids. NICJR also provides TA and consultation to the Foundation on implementation of the initiative.

The California Alliance for Youth and Community Justice (CAYCJ)

CAYCJ is a statewide coalition of juvenile justice advocates working to reduce the size of the system and improve the outcomes of system-involved youth. NICJR provides leadership and management to the Alliance.

Violence Prevention

Ceasefire/Gang Violence Reduction Strategy

CeaseFire is a comprehensive violence reduction strategy. Ceasefire uses a data driven process to identify the individuals and groups at the very highest risk of gun violence in a city and engages those individuals in direct communication to inform them of their risks and offer them support. The individuals are then enrolled in services, supports, and opportunities and also receive heightened law enforcement attention if they continue to engage in violence. In partnership with the California Partnership for Safe Communities, NICJR provides technical assistance and consultation to the Ceasefire strategies in the California cities of Oakland and Stockton.

Cities United

Cities United is a national initiative of 75 cities that have pledged to reduce Black male homicide rates. NICJR is a technical assistance provider for the initiative, conducting presentations, trainings, and policy development to member cities.

Organizational Development

Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC)

ARC is a support network for formerly incarcerated youth and young adults founded by Hollywood Producer Scott Budnick. ARC also advocates for fair and just criminal justice policies. ARC is a non-profit based in Los Angeles. NICJR provides organizational management consulting and fundraising support for ARC.

Oakland California Youth Outreach (OCYO)

OCYO is an Oakland community based organization providing intensive case management, street outreach, and school based services all for highly at-risk youth and young adults. OCYO’s primary partner is the City of Oakland Department of Human Services’ Oakland Unite. NICJR provides management and organizational development for OCYO.

Federal Court Monitoring

Illinois Department of Justice (IDJJ)

NICJR Executive Director David Muhammad serves as the Independent Federal Court Monitor overseeing the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice’s compliance with the MH v. Monreal Consent Decree, which was issued pursuant to a class action lawsuit that was brought on behalf of youth in the system regarding the violation of their due process rights in parole revocation proceedings. NICJR is the Federal Monitor, overseeing compliance with the Consent Decree, providing technical assistance to IDJJ and submits quarterly reports to the Federal Court.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office – Antelope Valley

In partnership with the National Council on Crime and Delinquency, NICJR is a part of the Monitoring Team overseeing the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office compliance with a federal Settlement Agreement in the Antelope Valley (AV) cities of Palmdale and Lancaster. The federal Department of Justice sued the LA Sheriff who entered into a Settlement Agreement to make numerous reforms in the AV where it serves as the local police force. NICJR is overseeing the Settlement Agreement’s Community Engagement strategy.

Foundation Support

Joyce Foundation

The Joyce Foundation, based in Chicago, which serves the entire mid-west Great Lakes region, has been a leading philanthropic investor in gun violence reduction. The foundation is considering an expanded new initiative to fund criminal justice reform. NICJR provided detailed assessment and an extensive report on foundation funding of criminal justice in the area, a landscape analysis, and a series of recommendations.

San Francisco Foundation (SFF)

Under its new innovative Equity Initiative, the SFF is developing a new criminal justice reform agenda. In partnership with the W. Haywood Burns Institute, NICJR is providing SFF with a detailed landscape analysis and a series of recommendations for the criminal justice initiative.

The California Wellness Foundation (TCWF)

When TCWF was recently developing a new organizational strategic plan, on behalf of the Foundation NICJR conducted a series of stakeholder interviews and provided an assessment of the Foundation’s Violence Prevention Initiative as well as a series of recommendations for its future funding in the areas of violence prevention and juvenile justice reform.